Helping Preserve Freedom


Veterans’ Freedom Foundation a  501c3  non-profit organization providing financial assistance and other services to veterans.  It might just mean a cab ride to the hospital or sending a care package, but we feel fortunate to help provide any assistance needed to our veterans.

Veterans’ Freedom Foundation offers veterans emergency assistance when unexpected needs arrive. The resources veterans can access often come only after lengthy application processes and a lot of red tape. It can take several months to receive assistance.

Veterans’ Freedom Foundation bridges this gap.  If veterans face losing their homes or vehicles due to a missed payment, Veterans’ Freedom Foundation donates money to make the payment, buying time until full assistance arrives.

Veterans’ Freedom Foundation receives funding through fundraisers, our own contributions, and outside donations.

Today’s veterans, as in the past, are faced with needs, the needs may be small on some cases, and quite large in others, no matter how small and insignificant the need is there no less.  The Veterans’ Freedom Foundation will do its best to help and assist our veterans of today and yesterday.

The Veterans’ Freedom Foundation (VFF) a nonprofit organization is designed to serve veterans and their families to help regain the freedom they fought to protect.  The foundation’s aim is to assist veterans and their families to return to a positive and stable life of self-sufficiency.

Military veterans may require financial assistance in some instances for basic essential such as rent, utilities, groceries, medication, clothing and other genuine needs. The VFF will offer financial assistance, as well as provide these veterans with informative guidance to improve their lives through Vet-aimed training, or education assistance to become self-sufficient.
The Veterans’ Freedom Foundation desire is to improve the quality of life of military veterans of all eras!
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